Relax bath

Thermal bath with ozonized hydromassage with relaxing and toning action to restore softness to the skin.

Thermal baths

Fed by hyperthermal water + 43° that flows from the source of the river Farma enclose many beneficial properties.

Bio oil massage

Total body massage carried out through the use of a synergy of essential oils to eliminate fatigue, tension and stress.

Detoxifying thermal mud

Treatment with total body thermal mud at 47° followed by ozonated thermal hydromassage and short rubbing with oils.

Inhalations and aerosols

Thermal inhalation therapies are traditionally used in the prevention of various chronic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tracts.

Body wellness

The ancient and handed down effectiveness of the thermal tradition for those who want to discover the healthy well-being of simple and natural treatments, toning and relaxing.

The Therapeutic Thermal Baths represent an ideal place to enjoy a healthy bath, to restore harmony and vitality to your body, to dissolve the accumulation of thoughts of your daily routine and to find your psychophysical balance.

They are fed by hyperthermal water + 43° that flows from the spring located on the bank of the river Farma. Thanks to its components, the thermal water of Terme di Petriolo contains many healthy and beneficial properties that have remained unchanged over time.

Orari di apertura

Vi aspettiamo alle Terme di Petriolo nella riserva naturale del Basso Merse, in uno scenario incantato tra boschi e colline.

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