Mud and Thermal Baths (not affiliated)

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Duration: 25 minutes

Price: € 26,00


Mud + Therapeutic Thermal Bath

Price: € 140,00


Mud + Therapeutic Thermal Bath

Price: € 280,00


Duration: 35 minutes

Price: € 40,00

Treatment with total-body thermal mud at 47° and brief rubbing with oils that combines the therapeutic properties of mud with an analgesic, decontracting action on the musculoskeletal system, consolidation and post-traumatic healing, relaxing, an ideal detoxifying and energizing.


Duration: 50 minutes

Price: € 60,00

Total-body thermal mud at 47° followed by a toning total body massage with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, decontracting action on the musculoskeletal system. With muscle relaxation action.


The therapeutic properties of mud therapy have very ancient origins and they were born in those places where the geographical conformation has made available the use of hot springs and hot water; it is not a coincidence that the ancient baths of the Greeks and Romans are now our Spa or health through water. The healthy and curative properties of the "Mud" of Petriolo Spa are due to the chemical-physical characteristics of the thermal water which has remained unchanged over time and which flows in special tanks where the mud matures and is enriched with microelements and active elements through the phenomenon of trans-mineralization. They have an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and muscle relaxation action, as well as a stimulation of immune functions. The application of mud (47°) followed by thermal bath is indicated in the prevention and treatment of various chronic and degenerative diseases of the osteo-articular apparatus (arthritis in various locations: cervical, lumbar, etc..), chronic rheumatism mono and polyarticular, post-traumatic outcomes of the locomotor apparatus, joint stiffness. Its action helps recovery and improves functional capacity. The combination with the ozonized hydromassage enriches the properties of ozone, which dissolved in the water through the skin reaches the tissues and improves venous function and also favors the absorption of trace elements dissolved in water.

A medical examination is necessary.

To complete the benefits of mud-balneotherapy, there are special promotions of massage packages as well as an exclusive discount for second cycles of treatment.


- all those who access the thermal pools must sign the release form at the entrance to the facility. For minors, the release will be signed by a parent or carer;

- access to the thermal pools is NOT allowed for children under 6 years of age. Children aged 6 to 12 can access the thermal pools for a limited time (maximum 10 minutes) and under the supervision of a parent or carer.

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